Candle Care Kit


Like all beautiful things, candles require maintenance in order to perform optimally. Extend the lifespan of your candles and keep them burning clean and bright with our Candle Care Kit, with a sleek brushed pearl nickel finish and laser engraving. All of your tools come with a complimentary storage bag, made of certified organic cotton. They make the perfect gift for a candle connoisseur, to adorn a cherished corner where they burn their favorite candle. 

Each candle care tool serves an important purpose in the care of your candle and wick. Read our full Candle Care tutorial here.

WICK TRIMMER: Designed to maximize your candle's performance, trimming the wick of your candle trims the size of the flame - extending the burn time, encouraging an even and clean burn, and eliminating soot and black smoke.

WICK DIPPER:  Use the dipper to hook the wick, and extinguish the candle by dipping the wick briefly into and out of the melted wax. The flame will go out with no smoke or soot. The wick dipper is also used to recenter the position of the wick and ensure an even burn.

CANDLE SNUFFER: To safely extinguish your candle, simply suspend the snuffer over the flame as close to the melted wax pool as possible, minimizing the soot and smoke that emerge from a blown out candle.