REFILL CLUB - Discover New Scents


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Take your self care ritual to the next level. Never find yourself without an inspiring candle to light - join the refill club! Enjoy embarking on a journey of discovery as we surprise you with new scents throughout the year, shipped to your doorstep like clockwork.

How does it work?

Select your desired shipping frequency, and we will send a candle refill exactly when you need it. 

Unsure of the frequency you should choose? Here’s what we suggest:

Once a month - Ideal for the candle connoisseur. You like to light a candle two to three times a week.

Every other month - Ideal for the casual candle lover. You like to light a candle once, maybe twice a week.

Our candle refills have been specially designed to fit perfectly in our jars. Not sure how to clean your candle? Don't worry - we will send our simple 3 step cleaning instructions with your order.

Please Note: Our glass candle vessel is not included with this subscription. Mother Earth thanks you for reusing your jar!