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About CandaScent Labs

Wellness candles with you in mind

At CandaScent Labs we believe that one of our most precious senses - our sense of smell - deserves to be cared for, protected, nourished, and cultivated. It is our mission to transport you to the scents of nature, derived directly from the source - free from any synthetics or aroma enhancers. We source our ingredients with the utmost care, using certified organic oils to protect our bodies and our natural resources from harmful pesticides and insecticides. We believe in unlocking nature’s science - that the most effective products are those that are beneficial to our bodies and our planet.

Founder’s Story

Thank you for finding your way here. I’m excited to be a part of the wellness and plant revolution that is happening today. The need and desire to literally go back to our roots, rediscovering how nature’s powerful medicine heals and transforms us, is an essential part of CandaScent Labs.

My journey began years ago when I worked for one of the largest grain merchandising companies in the world and saw how the desire for efficiency and profitablility transformed how our food was made, sourced, processed and marketed. As we know, the changes weren’t healthy for our planet or for our health. When I saw the same thing happening in fashion, I began bringing artisan and eco-friendly brands to market. I’ve always been passionate about sourcing, believing in the importance of the people behind products and the healthy provenance of materials and ingredients used to make products. It’s what makes up CandaScent Labs’ DNA, to use the finest and purest ingredients and do so in a way that supports the well-being of people and the planet.

A move to California and learning more about plants through working with chemists researching cannabis led to creating something I had been looking for -- a candle I felt was good for me and was free of the elusive “fragrance” ingredient. Because fragrance companies aren’t required to legally identify ingredients as part of a brand's trade secrets, unfortunately it has also meant that we have unwillingly and unknowingly exposed ourselves to harmful chemicals.

At CandaScent Labs we formulate our candles for purity and effect. We use the science of nature’s own lab to create candles that bring you one step closer to the benefits of what the natural world offers us.

CandaScent Labs joins other sustainable brands in their work of supporting the health and diversity of the earth, its creatures, and its people.

 Véronique Lee

Supporting Airmid Institute

CandaScent Labs is proud to support Airmid Institute - a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization dedicated to the global education, research, and sustainable management of medicinal and aromatic plants. They aim to develop, implement, and support projects and education focused on facilitating knowledge-sharing about aromatic plant medicine among healers worldwide, ethical sourcing of plant extracts, sustainable harvesting methods and distillation, and on the execution of clinical research of novel aromatic oils/extracts. They also help to protect and promote uses of traditional medicine in Indigenous communities.