CandaScent Organic Candle Care

How to get the most out of your candles.

Light your clean burning candle

When you light your candle, allow the surface to fully liquify across the top, and let it burn up to four hours. It is from this warm pool of wax that the aroma and benefits of the therapeutic grade organic essential oils and pure plant extracts are diffused. Allowing the wax to melt smoothly across allows your candle to burn to its fullest potential, and avoids future tunneling.

Snuff the flame

When you are ready to extinguish your candle, use a dipper to briefly submerge the lit wick into the wax, or a snuffer to safely put out the flame - blowing the candle out produces undesirable smoke and soot.

Center the wick

After extinguishing the flame, check that your wick is centered and upright in the melted wax. Be mindful of any wick trimmings that may have fallen into your wax and carefully remove them.

When the wax has cooled after each use, replace the lid to help retain the aroma of your candle.

Trim the wick to 1⁄8 inch

Trimming your wick before relighting it avoids over combustion - allowing for the cleanest burn, and prolonging the lifespan of your candle so you can enjoy it to its fullest. When only 1⁄4 inch of wax remains, it’s time to say goodbye, say safety first, and think about reusing your jar!

Reuse and Recycle

Our packaging is designed to be reused and upcycled. CandaScent Labs jars have easy peel off labels, are airtight and food safe, and our gift bags are made of GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified cotton, making them the ideal vessels for everything from picnic snacks, to fresh herbs to store in the refrigerator.

Your collection of hair ties, bobby pins and hair clips has a newfound home, and so do the salt and sugar. A jar houses your toothbrushes by the bathroom sink, and the cotton bags can be filled with potting soil and used to plant your favorite seedlings. Your imagination is the limit in giving your candle a second - or third! - life, so please share with us what creative uses you have found for your jars, bags, and lids.