SPECIAL - Waterless Diffuser & MOJO Diffuser Blend Set

$89.00 $107.00

Bring the forest indoors.

Transform any space into a forest bathing meditation experience with the Waterless Diffuser and MOJO Diffuser Blend bundle. ($107 value)


Forest bathing is the act of taking in the atmosphere of the forest, including its smells, sounds, sights and sensations. A practice originating in Japan called shinrin yoku, forest bathing has been researched for its wellness benefits.  Forest aromas are rich in phytoncides, molecules that have been studied for their ability to not only protect and defend trees, but humans as well.  

  • Includes the Waterless Diffuser and MOJO Diffuser Blend
  • The Waterless Diffuser is a travel-friendly, USB rechargeable and fully customizable diffusion device that is as simple to use as it is to maintain
  • MOJO is formulated with aromatic molecules found in the forest to bring the anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety benefits of forest bathing to your everyday rituals
  • Blended with certified organic essential oils including fir balsam, black spruce and cypress